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Prevodi naših aforizama na druge jezike

Prohibited thoughts

Aleksandar Čotrić

We have made perfect conditions for Graffitists.
They are put between four walls.

The human factor has failed.
There is no people anywhere.

Serbia can supply with food the whole Europe,
but what we mostly produce is inedible.

The President will, if necessary, give Kosovo.
Just in order to maintain the unity of Serbia.

Nothing will come of slogan: All Serbs in one country.
We could not settle ourselves in so small country.

We already have Greater Serbia.
Here, for instance, if you set out for Kosovo today,
who knows when you will arrive there.

What a Great Serb!
He considers the whole world to be his own homeland.

It is said that the system should be changed.
Do any system exist here?

Our homeland is in a danger.
From rescuers.

Serbs are assembled.
Because of that there is the mutual cauldron.

This what we experience is an excellent tragedy,
but we do not feel like literature.

Serbs like to compare themselves with Jews.
It is only that we made the ghetto.

The situation in the field is good,
but we are worried about result.

Serbs are concerned about their present leader.
And because of that everything else has stopped then.

Our country is in the transition.
It vanishes from political map.

The most important thing now is
to prevent partitions within the country.
Namely, it is realised that someone would like
to rescue themselves.

We must not be slowed down by anything.
For that we do not open our parachute.

Serbs divide themselves into those who live
and those who are in the country.

We did everything so as not to sink.
Except for swimming.

One half of inhebitants is in a mortal danger.
Fortunately, another one is in a life danger.

Translated by: Katarina Gavrić



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